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Financial Management School

Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools

Camp Johnson, NC
Advanced Finance Course / M03FNJ0 / AFC Outlines
AFC 0103 Student OutlineAudit Payments
AFC 0104 Student OutlineAudit Withholdings and Tax Overlay
AFC 0105 Student OutlineAudit Leave Entitlements
AFC 0106 Student OutlineAudit Seperation Payments
AFC 0201 Student OutlineAudit Temporary Additional Duty Entitlements (TDY)
AFC 0202 Student OutlineAudit Permenant Duty Travel (PDT)
AFC 0301 Student OutlineAudit Fiscal Vouchers
AFC 0303 Student OutlineAudit Financial Reports
Advanced Financial Management Officer Course / M03FNM0 / AFMOC Outlines
Advanced Resource Management Course / M03FNF0 / ARMC Outlines
Appropriations Law Course / M03FNL0 / ALC Outlines
ALC 0102 Student OutlineWord Student Outline for ALC 0102
ALC 0103 MediaPowerpoint Media for ALC 0103
ALC 0103 Student OutlineWord Student Outline for ALC 0103
ALC 0101 MediaPowerpoint Media for ALC 0101
ALC 0101 Student OutlineWord Student Outline for ALC 0101
ALC 0102 MediaPowerpoint Media for ALC 0102
Basic Finanacial Technician Course / M0334D0 / BFTC Outlines
0141 ONLINE Student OutlineIntroduction to Online Diary System
BFTC 0201 Student OutlineCompute Basic Pay
BFTC 0202 Student OutlineCompute Incentive Pay
BFTC 0203Compute Allowances
BFTC 0204 Student OutlineCompute Miscellaneous Payments
BFTC 0205 Student OutlineCollections and Deductions
BFTC 0302 Student OutlineCompute Permanent Duty Travel (PDT)
Financial Management Career Course / M03FNJ0 / FMCC Outlines
Financial Management Officer Course /(F) Finance / M03FNH0 / FMOC (F) Outlines
FMOC (F) 0141 Student OutlineOnline Diary System
FMOC (F) 0503 Student OutlineCertify Basic, Special, Incentive Pay and Leave Accounting
FMOC (F) 0504 Student OutlineCertify Collections and Deductions
FMOC (F) 0505 Student OutlineCertify Compute Allowences
FMOC (F) 0506 Student OutlineCertify Miscellaneous Payments
FMOC (F) 0602 Student OutlineCertify Permenant Duty Travel (PDT) Entitlements
FMOC (F) 0701 Student OutlineCertify Fiscal
FMOC (F) 0702 Student OutlineCertify Fiscal Reports
Financial Management Resource Analyst Course / M0334N0 / FMRAC Outlines
FMRAC 0100 OutlineIntroduction to Financial Management (REVISED: 6 JAN 2012)
FMRAC 0100 Student Handout OutIntroduction to Financial Management
FMRAC 0100 Student OutlineIntroduction to Financial Management
FMRAC 0101 Student Handout 1Document Numbers and Financial Information Pointers
FMRAC 0101 Student OutlineDocument Numbers and Financial Information Pointers
FMRAC 0102 Student HandoutConstruct a Line of Accounting
FMRAC 0102 Student OutlineConstruct a Line of Accounting
FMRAC 0201 Student HandoutSource Documents
FMRAC 0201 Student OutlineSource Documents
FMRAC 0202 RON-BEA'sReimbursables
FMRAC 0202 Student OutlineReimbursables
FMRAC 0300 Handout (SUPPLY)Introduction to Marine Corps Supply and Procurement Systems
FMRAC 0300 Student Outline (SUPPLY)Introduction to Marine Corps Supply and Procurement Systems
FMRAC 0301 Student OutlineSABRS Table Management
FMRAC 0302 Student OutlineSABRS Transactions-3
FMRAC 0401 Student OutlineDefense Travel System (DTS)
FMRAC 0403 Student OutlineREPORTNET
FMRAC 0501 Student OutlineDaily Transaction Report
FMRAC 0502 Student OutlineSpending Errors
FMRAC 0503 Student OutlineOther Spending Errors
FMRAC 0504 Student OutlineProblem Disbursements
Financial Management Resource Warrant Officers Course / M03FNP0 / FMROC Outlines
Financial Warrant Officer Course / M03FNK0 / FWOC Outlines
FWOC 0101Process TDY Claims
FWOC 0101 MediaProcess TDY Claims PowerPoint
FWOC 0102Process PDT Claims
FWOC 0102 MediaProcess PDT Claim PowerPoint
FWOC 0201Pay and Allowances
FWOC 0201 Media #1Manage a Pay Section PowerPoint
FWOC 0201 Media #2Manage a Pay Section PowerPoint
FWOC 0201 Media #3Manage a Pay Section PowerPoint
FWOC 0202Collections and Deductions
FWOC 0202 MediaCollections and Deductions PowerPoint
FWOC 0203Processing Payments and Separations
FWOC 0203 MediaProcess Payments and Separations PowerPoint
FWOC 0301Audit Fiscal Vouchers
FWOC 0301 MediaAudit Fiscal Vouchers PowerPoint
FWOC 0302Fiscal Reports
FWOC 0302 MediaFIscal Reports PowerPoint
Financial Management School Menu
Historical Research Documentation / Reference Material
Financial Management Officers Study GuideA training manual that covers the duties and responsibilities of a Navy/ Marine Corps disbursing officer
Marine Corps Financial Management Officer Training in the 1990'sAn academic evaluation of current training programs provided to Marine Corps financial officers with the Primary Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 3404 conducted in the 1990s